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Professional systemic constellations

For professionals and organisations, the constellation tool is innovative, concrete and pragmatic. It makes it possible to visualise and sense the mechanisms that govern a work system or subsystem.

A business, an association or a public body is a system where principles specific to it operate. Abiding by these principles results in efficiency and a healthy work atmosphere.

A loss of balance by a single component in the system may bring about disequilibrium for the whole system and thus have a negative effect on the proper operating of the system.

Constellations are the brainchild of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. It was he who developed and used this method with astonishing results in supporting family systems.

Organisation constellations are useful and effective for both individual or team coaching, for dealing with issues relating to change, project creation and support, managing relational matters, or again understanding and improving the way the system or subsystem at work operates.

It enhances the processing of the following:

For teams :

  • Change of direction
  • Mergers, takeovers
  • Unlocking understanding and solving relational conflicts
  • Project testing
  • Family-business successions …

For individuals :

  • Decision-making
  • Optimal positioning
  • Supervision sessions…

Among the chief results obtained, it is worth quoting: conflict resolution, improved collaboration, enhancement of internal resources, aids to decision-making, new-project development, broadening of perceptions and choice options, etc.

Organisation constellations conducted in groups, led by a “constellation coach”, make it possible for a participant to apply the constellation process to a problem while other members of the group act as representatives of the components of the constellation system.

Thus, each person in their role as a “neutral” representative can freely express felt-senses with out being a stakeholder in the system to which the constellation process is applied.

The diversity of constellation forms and their adaptability allow the coach to work creatively so that, gradually, step-by-step, a solution may emerge.

To sum up, organisation constellations, by establishing safe distance, through spatial representation, the freeing of information, systemic reconstruction,… foster the emergence and positive integration of solutions for both individual and group.