Consulting: Sample intervention

A business chief calls us because he is facing difficulties on several fronts:

  1. There is an open conflict between an executive recently recruited and the team he manages. The six-man team refuses to cooperate with the new-comer because they consider that their former manager was unfairly dismissed.
  2. Moreover, the CEO is concerned by the high rate of absenteeism for sickness or burnout. He fully realises that the drive for effectiveness and economies in the framework of the present crisis weighs heavily on his people, and he would like to change things up in order to reduce staff stress. Besides, he is wondering whether an away-time might not be useful in this respect, as also to enhance cohesion among his work groups.
  3. In addition, he wishes to see his company evolve towards a more empathic culture in order to improve communication and thereby the well-being and motivation of each person.

Solutions proposed on concluding the meeting with the CEO:

  1. Mediation sessions between the new manager and each member of his group, taken separately. Each session lasts between ninety minutes and two hours. Maximum two sessions per day.
    Three days of mediation are planned, each followed by a half-day plenum (mediation session with the full team), the purpose being to listen to each person and get clues to solutions taking account of the needs of all stakeholders (i.e. the six team members, the manager and the organisation).
  2. Scheduling a two- or three-day training in stress and burnout prevention and management using the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process; holding a teambuilding session alternating light-hearted games with in-depth sharing.
  3. Monthly team supervision sessions planned with a view to integrating the NVC process and acquiring listening and connecting reflexes whether towards oneself or others, even in tense or conflictual situations.

Services proposés

For optimal management of difficult situations you encounter. We counsel you as to the solutions which best meet the needs of your organisation and the individuals it comprises
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Corporations, institutions, associations, public and private organisations
An initial meeting to clarify the drivers specific to the organisation concerned; followed by support and guidance in the implementation of concrete and practical solutions in response to the needs identified
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The solutions envisaged are concrete, sustainable and customised
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