Renforcer la connexion entre personnes
avant de proposer des pistes d’action (à traduire)

Girasol focuses on offering solutions to enable your organisation to make the best possible use of its pool of relational and collective intelligence. We also enable organisations to cultivate and reinforce these relational and collective resources through the application of processes which foster the sustainable development of relationships, team motivation and a clear sense of responsibiity among all members of staff.

Services offered:

    • Consulting
      Optimising the management of difficult situations you encounter. We provide counselling on the choice of solutions which contribute best to the goals of your organisation and the needs of the individuals that work within it.


    • Training
      Providing keys to understanding and integrating processes and tools to enhance the evolution of the organisation and its staff.


    • Coaching
      Enhancing the emergence of inspired and inspiring leaders, motivated team players and cohesive and effectives groups.


    • Mediation
      (Re)creating a climate of trust and transforming tense or conflictive relationships into collaborative ones. Implementing solutions which meet the needs of all stakeholders.


The processes used:


    • Nonviolent Communication
      Improves interpersonal relationships and acts on the levers of human and organisational motivation


    • Participatory Governance
      Ensures that each person is involved and responsible, and also develops collective intelligence.


    • Systemic Organisational Constellations
      Provides representations of the living organism that an organisation really is, gives visibility to human interactions and their dynamics and makes it possible to decode them.


We operate with a network of French-speaking, English-speaking and Dutch-speaking experts.

We will submit to you a customised tender, adapted to your requirements, in the language(s) of your preference.

If you have any requests to make, please contact – Sophie Grosjean – +32 479 890 726 –